Reeves County Commissioners Revert Back to Last Year’s Budget

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - More drama unfolds in Reeves County.

The county now has a budget but not the one they wanted.

They've had to revert to last year's budget.

That's because two Commissioners went missing last week.

They refused to show up and vote on the new budget in protest.

Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras tried several times contact Saul Herrera and Roy Alvarado with no luck.

He even tried to force them to come to the meetings by taking them to court, but authorities couldn't find the pair to be served them a summons.

With the old budget in place, county employees will not receive a 3 percent pay raise.

Funding for two bonds, approved by voters, will still go forward despite the two missing Commissioners disapproval.