City of Hobbs Reporting More Murders than Midland in 2010

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, N.M. - There are still three months left in the year, but already, Hobbs Police have responded to eight more murders than the city of Midland. 

All total, the city of Hobbs has had nine murders since January.  At this rate, they are averaging one homicide investigation per month.  City officials admit the numbers are much higher than they would like them to be, but say the numbers are not indicative of the community

"I think there's always a concern.  One murder, is too many," City Comissioner, Jonathan Sena, said.

Sena has lived in Hobbs for most of his life and says he hates to see the death of a person in his community.  However, he believes the police department is working hard to solve the crimes and keep other residents safe. 

"There's always going to be challenges, but we're working on it. Police are working hard, our people are safe," Sena said.

Hobbs Police Chief JD Sanders says it's not unusual for a department to see a spike in murders, whether that number goes up or down.

"This year we had nine, the year before last we only had one," Sanders said.

Both Sanders and Sena say they are disturbed by the numbers from 2010.  However, they say they are also hopeful, the number will be less in the future. 
"The past few months, I don't think it's indicative of the next few months," Sena said.

"I'm proud of our staff, I'm proud of this community. This, too shall pass. I hope you're coming back in a couple of years, saying 'how in the world did y'all have no homicides this year?' and you just might," Sanders said.