Homemade Sausage Draws Thousands to St. Lawrence Festival

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

The St. Lawrence Festival combines a touch of German heritage, with a pinch of West Texas spirit to draw thousands of festival goers.

While there's tons of activities for the entire family, everyone agrees the homemade sausage is the star.

It's all about the sausage at the St. Lawrence Festival.

"We made 12,000 pounds even," Parishioner and Sausage Maker Mark Frysak, said. "Like one of the ice cream companies said. We eat all we can and then sell the rest."

That's 12,000 pounds of homemade minced meat made at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

Once a year, the men of St. Lawrence season, smoke and then sell pounds of sausage.

"I've been involved in it all my life," Frysak said. "I'm 52 years old."

It's a delicacy you can't get anywhere else or even make at home.

"Where does the recipe come from and can someone by it from you?" NewsWest 9 asked.

"Oh that's a secret," Frysak said. "No really, it's just what over the year's, what's done well for us and refined it to what people are wanting."

Every year, the public buys every pound and all the money goes towards bettering the Church.

"We built a brand new parish hall two years ago and we'd like to pay that off," Publicity Chairwoman, Martha Schwartz, said. "But it actually pays for the religious activities we have for the children and the adults as well."

It's a Church fundraiser that draws people from far and wide.

"Golly Alaska and that's kin folks coming down to visit," Frysak said. "I'm sure there's been people from overseas that come here and it's family and friends."

Every year, thousands of people stand in long lines to get a taste of the famous sausage at the festival. Last year, they saw more than 2,100 people and this year they expect to tally closer to 3,000 visitors.

After making the drive and braving the lines, festival goers say it's worth it in the end.

"Oh yes," Jack Milburn of Fredericksburg, said. "It's a lot of fun and the sausage is pretty good. So, just keep em coming.

If you missed this year's festival don't worry, you can try the homemade sausage next year.

St. Lawrence Catholic Church hosts the event every year on the first Sunday of October.