Citizens Sound Off On Curb and Gutter Program in Andrews

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Soggy roads are leading to problems in Andrews.

"The primary problem with not having curb and gutters is you get a lot of standing water," Andrews City Manager Glen Hackler, said. "That creates deterioration of the roads and streets. Another thing is that you also have the growth of weeds and other things that can erode the streets."

Not just city officials are taking notice.

"The water comes all the way over the sidewalk," Andrews Resident, Katrina Paulsen, said. "So it can be a hazard. It makes everything slippery. You're wading in water. So, I'm with him. I think they need to put something in so it doesn't stand."

Katrina and Lars Paulsen live on Mustang Drive, one of the streets most affected by the drainage issues.

On Saturday, citizens were able to voice their ideas for the city's curb and gutter program to help fix the problem.

"I'm glad they had a meeting and maybe they can come up with some kind of conclusion on what to do," Paulsen said. "Hopefully they can put in a drainage system."

Hackler tells NewsWest 9, the program will be entirely voluntary.

"If two-thirds of a block want to participate, they can petition the city and we can do a drainage study. That's the beauty of the project. It isn't something that we've mandated. We're going to the people who'd indicated they want curb and gutter on their block," Hackler said.

The city will help defer some of the costs but residents who sign up could pay an extra $10 to $20 a month.

Money folks in Andrews hope will help keep part of their city from washing away.

If you missed Saturday's meeting about the curb and gutter program don't worry, Hackler says they have plans to host another one in the future.