Two Reeves County Commissioners Absent for Fourth Straight Meeting

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - Another no show for two Reeves County commissioners as county officials try desperately to approve the proposed budget and tax rate for next year.

After being re-scheduled at least four times this week, commissioners still didn't have enough members to form a quorum on Friday.

At stake, the proposed budget and tax rate for 2011.

We're told there are items included in the budget that Commissioners Saul Herrera and Roy Alvarado don't agree with including bond issues which include a new golf course.

The budget also provides for a three percent increase in some county employees salaries to offset health insurance costs.

County Judge Sam Contreras says, while the commissioners have support from local residents, not everyone understands the importance of passing the budget, which is in excess of 70 million dollars.

"They have one piece of the puzzle but they're not looking at is the entire budget process," Contreras said. "Our budget is pretty large in comparison to say Ector County.
With an excess of 600 employees, lots of employees could be impacted."

Reeves County officials will now have to default back and make amendments to last years budget and tax rate to fit the coming year.