Local Attorney Gets Time in the Spotlight With New Reality Show

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--You're familiar with TV shows like People's Court or Judge Judy, but if you've noticed, there aren't any reality shows that feature attorneys.

What started out as a pitch about a divorce lawyer working with her ex-husband, soon became a story about a woman, working in field she has plenty of experience in.

"I have been married numerous times and I am a divorce attorney and I have five children.  He thinks that makes for a great story board," Divorce Lawyer, Laura Carpenter, said..

Carpenter has been practicing law for 14 years.  She works side by side with her ex-husband, which was the original pitch for the reality show.  But producers had a different idea.

"At the moment, the name of the show is "Texas Divorce Diva."  It's going to be based on my law practice, about 80% clients.  They hope to have two clients every episode and start their divorce cases or their criminal cases or their custody cases and, hopefully, in that first season, finish those cases up," Carpenter explained.

"Texas Divorce Diva" will also follow Carpenter and her family, from her oldest, who's going into law school, to the twins who are just about to turn 14.  None of them seem to have a problem with a TV crew hanging around.

While NewsWest 9 can't tell you the name of the producer, Carpenter says, it's very possible you've seen something he's done before, "He currently has one of his reality shows on A&E.  He has done things for Nickelodeon and he's done things for Disney. He's done Disney movies."

With major motion pictures and other reality shows doing things in Odessa, you might ask, what's the draw?

According to the budding reality show star, "I'm an attorney in a small Texas town.  He says Texas is one of the big things.  People love Texas shows."

Producers think they have a sure fire hit with "Texas Divorce Diva" and it's just a matter of which network will pick it up.

With an initial 12 episode season, filming two weeks each, that could lead to bigger and better things, and not just for Carpenter.

"It's going to bring a lot of good things to Odessa.  It's going to be great exposure and money for this area," Carpenter commented.

So the big question is, how many times has she been married?  Carpenter responded, "I think this show will make it to TV and you should watch it to find out the number.  I've been married enough that my friends call me Elizabeth Taylor."

Depending on which network picks up the series, taping is set to begin in late February or early March.  The first episode of "Texas Divorce Diva" should air in early summer.