Andrews City Leaders Working to Build Curbs and Gutters

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Rainfall is wreaking havoc on city streets in Andrews and on Saturday, city officials will hash out a plan with neighbors to find some answers.

"It's bad on the streets," City Manager Glen Hackler, said. "It doesn't look very attractive in some areas of town and holds down property value."

City officials say when the water builds up on their roadways, it's eroding the pavement, meaning crews have to make serious road repairs after each heavy rainfall - and that's costing taxpayers every time.

"We're having to do more maintenance, shore up the edge of the roads, do pothole maintenance," Hackler said. "There's one stretch of Mustang Drive, that because the rain just sits on the road rather than facilitated out by the curb and gutter, it erodes it pretty quickly. That would be an ideal area for this to make a material difference in the roadways."

The city council says this is one of their top priorities and one of the main issues that neighbors bring up during their meetings, so they're planning a public meeting for Saturday offering a new program to help clean up the mess. The new curb and gutter initiative would add drainage to areas of town that don't have any protecting the streets and taxpayer wallets.

"We've calculated that each property or lot will be between $600-$800," Hackler said. "We could bill that property monthly and get that payment down to $10-$15 each month. We're trying to do that in a way that's affordable but that the city could share in the cost and we get areas cleaned up."

And it's completely on a volunteer basis. The city plans to share in about 1/3 of the cost covering engineering fees. The rest falls on the neighbors for each block of their subdivision. They'll be able to petition the city and get curbs and gutters for their area of town.

"I think it's depressed property values and probably deterred some development in the area so it's a way to try to address that," Hackler said.

The meeting is set for Saturday at 2:00 at the Senior Center for anyone who wants to learn more.