Midland Police Cracking Down on School Zone Speeders

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Speeders in school zones are forcing Midland Police to increase their patrols during school hours.
Tickets for speeding through a school zone are hefty.  If caught, drivers who put their pedal to the medal in between the blinking lights of a school zone can expect to fork over about $200 for a ticket.

"I've probably (written) 15 or 20 (speeding tickets) in an hour," Officer Justin Bunch, who often works school patrols, said.

"They're thinking about where they're going, what they're fixing to do, or what they just got through doing.  But they're not thinking about what they are doing right now, which is driving,"  Lt. Brian Bogart, who is in charge of traffic officers at the police department said. "Most people that speed through a school zone, don't really intend to speed through a school zone, they're just not paying attention."

Texting or talking on a cell phone is also illegal.  However, officers say they still see drivers breaking the law with their phone while driving through school zones.

Officers say it's best to always abide by posted traffic signs, and anticipate the unexpected.

"That would avoid, probably half of the accidents on town if people were driving and anticipating something happening," Bogart said.