County Officials Playing Hide and Seek in Reeves County

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY--At this point the fate of the proposed 2011 budget and tax rate for Reeves County is in limbo, while two county commissioners are still missing in action.

The whole saga started on Monday when Commissioners Saul Herrera and Roy Alvarado failed to show up to vote on the budget.

Now, four days later, the vote hasn't been taken and the missing commissioners can't be found to decide if they face any disciplinary action.

With a 9:45a.m. hearing set in District Judge Bob Park's court on Thursday morning, county officials were hoping to see what the next step would be. They got their answer an hour later, when they were informed that the missing commissioners could not be found to be served notice of the hearing.

A 3p.m. commissioners meeting proved to be fruitless when, for the fourth time, Herrera and Alvarado no showed.

So, now, with one day left in regular session, commissioners have to wait and see what exactly their next move is.  As for the budget and tax rate, County Judge Sam Contreras says, they'll have to go back to last year, "We'll have to make some amendments, to make up for the increases in health insurance and other items as well.  These are amendments, this year that will take effect the following year.  We'll continue to recess until (Friday) but since we didn't have a quorum, we'll have to look into the legalities to see if we can even meet on Friday."

Contreras says the bond issues that go with budget will continue forward, since they were passed in a previous election.  Now, they'll just have to find ways to make up the tax and employee raise issues, with last years numbers.

NewsWest 9 has tried on several occasions to contact Commissioners Herrera and Alvarado to get their side. Neither have returned our phone calls.