Big Spring High School Class of 1965 Begins Endowment for Scholarships to Howard College

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

The Big Spring High School Class of 1965 is a close-knit bunch, and have met regularly over the years.  

Their goals have always included giving back to the community that gave them an education and a solid foundation as they moved on to family and careers.  

The Class of '65 reunion committee recently met during homecoming and held an auction of donated items to raise funds for a scholarship fund they have been developing 30 year reunion in 1995.  

With a goal to turn the fund into a perpetual endowment, the class successfully did just that during homecoming, according to Class of '65 committee member Ann Duncan.

She tells KBYG news that they achieved their goal of $5,000 to begin the endowment for scholarships to Howard College, and on Wednesday afternoon presented the check to Howard College President Dr. Cheryl Sparks at Big Spring High School.

Several classes of '65 committee members and Big Spring school officials were also present for the special presentation.