FDA: "Sleep Positioners Can Suffocate Babies"

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

They're supposed to keep your baby safe and even help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but after the death of two infants, federal agencies are urging parents not to use infant sleep positioners.

Keeping babies out of harms way is a full time job, even when they sleep.

"The best thing you can do is have them in a room that you're in," Daycare Owner, Linda Coggins said. "They make enough of the portable bassinets, portable cribs now that you can have them wherever you're at when they're asleep. "

At Coggins daycare, Linda's Little Angels Learning Center, babies only sleep on their backs and all potential hazards stay out of the cribs including infant sleep positioners.

"We don't use the positioners," Coggins said. "We haven't for quite some time."

After learning two infants suffocated, Coggins is glad she stopped using the sleep aids.

The infant sleep positioners typically have a stationary piece of padding on one side and Velcro so you can securely place the baby on it's side when it's sleeping. The problem is that some babies can rollover into the product and potentially suffocate.

The FDA says they know of 12 infants who've suffocated the same way and they urge parents not to use them.

Registered Nurse Nicky Ray used an infant sleep positioner for one of her children and was shocked by the news.

"The thought of him actually suffocating never entered my mind," Ray said. "The sad part about it is unless it happens in your immediate family (people) don't normally think stuff like that can happen."

She warns parents to be leery of putting any extra items in a baby's crib; including extra blankets, regular pillows, or even stuffed animals.

"The only thing that I can honestly tell parents is that if there's cushion involved in any amount it's really not a safe item for your baby," she said. "Because your baby does not know when to stop going into the cushion."

Taking those precautions will keep your babies safe.