City of Andrews to Present RO Water Project to TCEQ

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A West Texas town making U.S. history with a big water project.

The City of Andrews will present their 'Reverse Osmosis Water Project' to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on Friday.

City engineers found a way to install the water units in individual homes and businesses, right under the sink.

They've tested 40 so far and because it was successful, they're hoping to install those in every home in town.

This all started when state standards changed and Andrews, like many other cities, is now out of compliance with arsenic and fluoride levels.

The Andrews City Manager says the pilot test is a major milestone towards changing the way folks in Andrews get filtered water.
Not only will the process provide a more direct filter system but it will save the city big bucks.

The City Manager tells NewsWest 9, it will cost less than one million dollars to achieve compliance, which is about 10 percent of what they might pay otherwise.

City officials say the reverse osmosis system will also conserve more water than typical centralized filtration for the city.

The City Manager and Engineers will meet with TCEQ in Austin on Friday to determine if everyone in Andrews will use the reverse osmosis system.