Reeves County Commissioners Hauled Into Court

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - Three strikes and they're calling for legal action. On Wednesday, the Reeves County Judge finally put his foot down after two county commissioners, refused yet again to show up for an important meeting.

Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras decided to call the District Judge into the mix.

They'll hold a hearing Thursday morning calling on Commissioner Saul Hererra and Roy Alvarado to show up. Judge Contreras tells NewsWest 9, they've tried three times this week to hold a commissioners court meeting to vote on next year's budget and those two commissioners haven't shown up.

Judge Contreras says there are parts of next year's proposed budget the two don't approve of. It includes provisions for two bond issues that would make repairs to some county properties and a three percent pay increase for some county workers.

Without those two commissioners present the court cannot vote and Reeves County will have to revert back to last year's budget. 

So far Hererra and Alvarado have been silent. They have not answered our phone calls this week. The commissioners have been issued citations to appear in court. That hearing is set for 9:45a.m. Thursday morning.

We will continue to follow the developments.