Strike Two for Proposed New Budget in Reeves County

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY--Continuing coverage on a story NewsWest 9 has been following since Monday night.  

It's strike two for the proposed new budget and tax rate in Reeves County. 

A county commissioners meeting, to vote on both issues, has been pushed back again in hopes that everyone will show up.

After being rescheduled for 9a.m. Tuesday morning, Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras has pushed this very important meeting back to Wednesday, after the same two commissioners, who weren't there Monday morning, were missing again on Tuesday.

Commissioners Roy Alvarado and Saul Herrera are the missing links.  In a previous interview, Judge Contreras tells NewsWest 9, there are parts of next year's proposed budget the two don't approve of.

It includes provisions for two bond issues that would make repairs to some county properties. It also includes a three percent pay increase for some county workers.

The thing that makes this meeting so important is, commissioners must have a quorum to able to vote.

If the tax rate and budget are approved, they will go into effect January 2011.  If commissioners are unable to vote on them and they're not passed, Reeves County will have to go back to last years budget.

NewsWest 9 tried to catch up with all the players in this game. Judge Contreras was in meetings and could not speak with us.  We tracked down Commissioner Herrera to his business, but were told he was out of town.  Commissioner Alvarado could not be reached.

The budget vote has been rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 1:30p.m.