Reeves County Commissioners Stop Budget Vote

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY - Trouble is brewing in Reeves County over whether county commissioners can approve their proposed budget.

The county judge tells NewsWest 9, the budget was held up thanks to two absent commissioners.

County Judge Sam Contreras told NewsWest 9 he thinks two commissioners didn't show up to court because they don't approve of part of the proposed budget.

Judge Contreras says neither Commissioner Roy Alvarado nor Commissioner Saul Herrera showed up at Monday morning's meeting.

With only three members of the court in attendance, neither the budget, nor tax rate could be approved.

The meeting started at 9 a.m. Monday morning and went on until 5:30 Monday evening.

NewsWest 9 tried to get a hold of both Alvarado and Herrera but we were unable to get either of them on the phone.

Judge Contreras talked to Herrera and says the commissioner said he couldn't and did not want to attend Monday's meeting.

This year's budget includes provisions to proceed with two bond issues that would fix the golf course, sports complex and swimming pools.

Contreras said both the commissioners were against the projects; he believes they did not come to Monday's meeting to stop the bond projects.

Despite their disapproval, Judge Contreras says he thinks the commissioners should at least attend the meetings.

"For them to do their duty what they were elected to do," Contreras said. "They can still choose to vote no on the bond projects but there's other issues to address in the budget. They can do what's right and vote and make a note in, as opposed to not just showing up."

The proposed budget also includes a three percent pay increase for some county workers to offset a $1.41 million increase in health care costs.

Judge Contreras says the court decided to recess Monday's meeting until Tuesday at 9 a.m.

If at least one of the commissioners show up, the budget can be approved, otherwise Reeves County will have to use last years budget instead.