Hobbs Police Add Bomb-Sniffing Dog to K-9 Unit

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

HOBBS - The Hobbs Police Department has added an additional dog to their K-9 Unit. Currently, the department has four K-9 dogs on their roster, but they are primarily used to sniff out drugs.  Their newest dog is used to sniff out bombs.

Agar is a 2 1/2 year old Labrador who was born in Poland.  He, along with Officer Jerry Boyer, received specialized training in Indiana. Agar only understands commands in the Dutch language.

"Everyday, we were out there training just like this, or training inside buildings or vehicles, large warehouses, even open fields, we had bombs we had to find," Boyer said.

Agar sniffs out bombs and ammunition.

"He can also do evidence search.  Where, if somebody tosses a gun out of a car, or, if he needs to find empty shell casings," Boyer said.

Agar is also trained to find people, by scent, who may go missing.

"Could be lost children, suspects, Alzheimer patients, that type of thing," Boyer said.

Boyer has been a law enforcement officer with the Hobbs Police Department for several years, he says he is proud to add his best friend, Agar, to the team.

"He won't growl, he won't bite.  He's just the most lovable thing," Boyer said.