Midland Police Cracking Down on Auto Burglaries

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Midland Police Department is rolling out a new campaign to cut down on car burglaries in the area. "Lock it or Lose it" is a new digital public service announcement.  It's expected to hit the airwaves soon on the city's Facebook page, website and at Grande Communications Stadium during Friday night football games.

Police Chief Price Robinson said the overall mission is to prevent car burglaries before they even start. He said residents can help by just taking extra precautions.

"The best advice is just to take items out of the car, store them in the trunk if you have more errands to run and then when you get home," Robinson said.

13 year Midland Police veteran Officer Larry Woodruff said he sees many local residents leaving items in their car where people can see.  He also stumbles upon unlocked cars in parking lots.

"Basically, just take the time to make sure your vehicle is secure. Any valuables you have, put them away.  Out of sight and out of mind," Woodruff said.

Chief Robinson says car burglaries in Midland have risen only about 1.5% this year.  However, he said the goal of this campaign is to be proactive and prevent future crimes from being committed.