Pedestrian Accidents Has Parks and Recreation Taking Action

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Early morning bike rides or jogging at night is getting dangerous. Midland Police are finding more pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle fatalities than car crashes. It's a problem that has the City of Midland taking action.

"There's a lot of folks that go out without making themselves visible to vehicular traffic and we want to make sure that they take the proper steps while they're improving their quality of life - they're also being safe," Ben Telesca, with Midland Parks and Recreation, said.

You may remember our story from last week: Midland Police say overall, car accidents are down due to more officers patrolling the streets but the number that is rising is pedestrian accidents.

"We've had a couple of bicycle fatalities, we've had a couple of motorcycle fatalities and the first one this year was a pedestrian accident," Lt. Brian Bogart, with Midland Police Department, said. "We've had very few car on car crashes so far this year. It's not what you'd normally think of having a lot of cars involved."

So Midland Parks and Recreation decided to pass out reflector lights. Bikers and joggers can easily clip them on making it easy for cars to see them coming in the dark morning or evening hours.

"They're very difficult to see and some streets in Midland are not lit very well, so there's nothing to reflect light off of them and that makes it difficult for vehicles to see them and we don't want to have any more incidents than we have already had this year," Telesca said.

That's why this coming week, Midland Parks and Recreation is taking action.

"On Monday morning, we'll be driving around trying to catch some of those folks who are less than appropriately lighted and visible and try to get them to utilize these," Telesca said.

The Parks Department says these lights are free. They'll hand out about 200 of them during the next few days. If you're a jogger or bicyclist and want a light you can stop by the Parks and Recreation office or call their main number.