Big Spring Firefighter Honored for His Selfless Act

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A Big Spring firefighter was honored by the city when he returned from a dirt bike race but it wasn't because he won. He didn't even finish, it was his selfless act after another racer wrecked that's earned him the accolades.

"He is an incredible employee, very dedicated and conscious of work and others," Big Spring Fire Chief, Brian Jensen, said.

Billi Innis is a firefighter at the Big Spring fire Department. In his off time, Innis enjoys off-road motorcycle racing. Just last month he was in Nacogdoches for a race when something unexpected changed everything.

"Six miles into the race, a guy hits a bump and runs into a  tree and I see the rider on the ground," Innis said.

Out of instinct, Innis pulled his bike over and went to the aid the injured driver.

"I came to him and his eyes were rolled to the back, his gums were messed up and he was not conscious," Innis said.

He stayed at his side until a rescue team came to get the injured contestant. It turns out he had a broken jaw and femur.

"My race was basically over which was fine, I was stuck with that. I decided to ride the rest of the trail," Innis said.

As he continued on, trying to finish the race, he stumbled upon another injured rider.

"I came to a 13-year-old with a broken collarbone," Innis said.

So Innis stopped again to help the second rider. Word spread of these selfless acts and Innis was awarded the Big Spring Mayor Award making the city proud that he would take his work beyond Big Spring.

"What he did was unselfish and he's dedicated to his job," Jensen said.

But Innis says he didn't think twice to help these guys out.

"Everyday we are out taking people to the hospital. On a race it never occurred to me I need to stop," Innis said.

The two riders are still recovering from their injuries but they hope to be back on the tracks soon.  Billi did get some points for his race and can't wait to go to the next race.