Howard County Looking to Build New Health Clinic in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Howard County is trying to start a new health clinic in Big Spring and it's not just any ordinary clinic. It would be the first center in the area to offer low income residents affordable healthcare, but before it happens, there are some roadblocks to overcome.

Health center representatives put in a request for financial support on Tuesday with the Big Spring Economic Development Board and so far the board is all in favor of the clinic. Right now, there is no health center in Howard County that offers low income residents affordable health care. That is why more than 700 residents are going elsewhere even to Lamesa to get the care they need.

Representatives from the health center met with the Big Spring Economic Development Board on Tuesday night asking for their support and financial assistance for $150,000. With the money, the health center will use it for infrastructure renovations once everything is all approved. They hope with this new clinic they'll be able to generate around 22 more jobs in Big Spring.

"I think its a great thing for the community they definitely need it. According to the statistics, Howard County needs this, it's the kind of facility that will address the problems we have here in town," Terry Wegman with the Big Spring Economic Development Board, said.

Now that the health center has the support, their next step is to apply and be approved by the federal government before they can continue with the project. If everything goes as planned and the project is approved by the federal government, they hope to open up in the spring.