Term Limits Under Consideration in Big Spring

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring City Council Tuesday approved Mayor Tommy Duncan's recommendation to form a special committee to look at city council term limits, as well as "initiative and referendum".

Mayor Duncan is suggesting two, three year terms as the limit for a person to serve on city council.

Initiative and referendum, says Duncan, would offer voters more opportunity to affect decisions on larger projects in the future, whether it be to promote a project concept, or to repeal something already put in place by a city council.

If the city council moves forward on both ideas, the term limits and initiative and referendum would probably go on the ballot for voter approval in May 2011. The council voted to approve a committee to look further into the proposals and includes two city council representatives, two city staffers and two city residents.

The mayor asked that the committee come back to council with recommendations by November.