Five Year Old Fighting Cancer During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, around 10,000 children are diagnosed with the disease and NewsWest 9 sat down with one brave little boy who's fighting cancer.

Five year old Trevor looks like any ordinary kid, but three years ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then he has had two brain surgeries and is still going through treatment.

"The doctors took 90 percent of the tumor, now it's the other side they still have 10 percent left," Trevor's mom, Melinda Treadaway, said.

Just like Trevor, there are approximately 100 kids in the Permian Basin with cancer, and if being diagnosed with cancer wasn't hard enough, these families are having to go away from home for treatment in cities like Dallas, Houston or even out of state.

"We go to St. Jude's for chemo. It's very hard your whole family breaks up for a few days every two weeks," Melinda said.

Because there are hundreds of children with cancer, organizations across the United States want to bring awareness this month in hopes of getting more funding for research and to educate parents on what signs to look out for in their children.

"Knowing your child, getting them to a doctor, seeing the signs and just getting the help for them is really going to make a difference," Amy Carnes with the American Cancer Society, said.

As for the Trevor and his family, the fight continues.

"It's really hard, your life changes in seconds. It's your choice every day to pick your feet up because it's really easy to bring you down," Melinda said.

If things continue to go well for Trevor he will only have one more year left of treatment. If you would like to make any donation to the Treadaway family, you can go to the Citizen's Federal Credit Union.