Residents Allowed to Return Home After Weekend Standoff in West Odessa

By Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - As Texas Rangers continue to sift through the scene for evidence, people in West Odessa are being allowed back into their homes.

On Monday night, the barricades were moved back and NewsWest 9 is getting an even closer look at the suspect's compound.

The thing that was going through residents minds, more than anything, was when they can go back home. 

Of course it had much to do with wanting to be in familiar surroundings, but it was also a fear of what they were leaving behind.

Just about everywhere you turn in West Odessa, you see stalls and pens where residents keep everything from horses to goats and even livestock. 

When residents were forced out of their homes on Friday afternoon, it wasn't just their safety and well being they were concerned about; it was that of their animals. 

Residents like Aida Ramirez said the hours of waiting were hard enough without having that extra thing to worry about.

"I was so worried about my outside animals.  My little pets inside, I had left plenty.  But my outside, everyday we're out there feeding them and they need to eat and have water, have everything," Ramirez said.

Residents were allowed to go back to their homes Saturday afternoon, but only after showing an ID with a printed address, providing proof that they lived in the area.

DPS officials say it could be a couple of days or even a week until this investigation is complete and all of the roadways along West University are back open again.