West Odessans Remember Standoff, Try to Move On

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - The Department of Public Safety told NewsWest 9 they're no longer looking for another suspect involved in Friday and Saturday's standoff.

Victor White's neighbors are now beginning to come to grips with what happened over the weekend, and those who were kept from their homes are now finally allowed to go back.

Ambulances, tanks and helicopters were all temporary neighbors for West Odessa residents like Elizabeth Rojas.

They came in after Victor White allegedly shot three people and started a stand-off.

"They called and said don't go home, " Rojas said. "We though it would be over pretty soon, but 6 o'clock rolled around and it was still going full force. Took the back roads and came home and thought we were going to wait it out."

She could see the entire thing unfold and law enforcement working from her roof.

"After a few hours we kind of got to relax," Rojas said. "We could tell they had everything under control."

After nearly 22 hours, White surrendered.

"We knew they had it under control so we weren't nervous anymore, " Rojas said. "But, when they took him in it was just a big relief."

Now it's mostly Highway Patrol officers on the scene. Some as far as El Paso.

They're blocking off parts of University and Third Street from Westcliff to Damascus. They're only letting people who need to be in the area through.

"It lasted a long time," Highway Patrol Sgt. Damon Derr, said. "The deputies that were shot fled to different areas and the gunmen covered a lot of different areas. So, we have brass and rounds that struck buildings across the street and areas."

Texas Rangers are investigating both the crime scene and the shooting case.

After roomers of booby traps, tunnels and more - Rojas says she's glad they're still out there.

"I'm glad they're still sitting there and investing it all," Rojas said. "Hopefully it doesn't blow up."

She hopes things get back to normal soon.