Student Brings Gun and Knife to Odessa Elementary School

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A sixth grader in Odessa is facing a third degree felony after police say he brought a gun and a knife to school. 
It happened just before 9a.m. at Barbara Jordan Elementary School.  A student told his teacher that his classmate was carrying a gun and a knife in his backpack. School officials say the student was showing the weapons off to his classmates.

"In the wake of something like this, the biggest reminder for parents is: be aware, that if you have weapons like this in your house, they really need to be put up, need to be out of the reach of children. And you really ought to, just for the safety of children, check your child's backpack daily or so for the things they are putting in there," Mike Adkins with the Ector Independent School District, said.

Police investigators say they found no ammunition in that student's backpack and parents were notified immediately via telephone.  The school also sent letters home with kids letting parents know what happened. 

Investigators don't believe the sixth grader had any malicious intent with the weapons. However, he is facing third degree felony charges of bringing a weapon to a location where they are prohibited.