Midland County Detention Center Recruiting Jailers

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -  There's a shortage of jailers at the Midland County Detention Center and officials there are looking for recruits who can meet the demands. 

"We're not quite overcrowded, but we are on the verge of getting there," Recruitment Officer, Lt. Timothy Telck, said.

Telck is looking for focused workers who can manage multiple responsibilities. 

"We're looking for a person that has initiative.   They have to be willing to step up and take charge.   Somebody that can handle themselves under stressful situations," Telck said.

Because of the stressful environment, the jail sees a lot of turnover in its jailers. However, Officer Jake Mullens has worked in Midland County as a jailer for a year and a half.

"When you first start, it's extremely scary," Mullens said. "It's helped me become a man, I was just a little boy when I started."
Mullens said he loves his job, but admitted the demands of working in direct contact with accused criminals can be tough.

"These guys are behind bars and they are just pissed off at you because you get to go home every day. It's nothing personal," Mullens said.  "Sometimes the demands can become stressful, they need to be able to handle themselves well, communicate well, because they will have to deal with not only the offenders, but sometimes the public."

Despite the stress, the job can also be rewarding.  Midland County offers on the job training for its jailers.   

"A lot of people use the jail as a stepping stone in their law enforcement career.   They go from here to other agencies, or advance in the sheriff's department, they go to patrol or our investigator section," Telck said.