Recovery Walk Enrolls 50 Plus Students

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND - Some high school drop-outs will be drop-outs no more. It's all part of Midland ISD Annual Recovery walk.

"We've already done all we can do reaching out on the telephone and we can't find them," Deborah Acosta with MISD said. "So now we're physically going to their last address."

That's why recovery walk volunteers like one group from Midland Lee hit the streets.

"This is probably my third or fourth time," Melanie Cavozos said. "It's important to me that we find these kiddos and get them back in school."

It was the first time for geometry teacher Timothy Contreras.

"I know none of students on the list, but I'm hoping to catch one and put some hope in them," Contreras said. "They need to come back and get an education because without it it's tough out here."

About 150 volunteers went through Midland and they knocked on both apartment doors and houses.

The Midland Lee group didn't find any students on Saturday.    

"I find it frustrating but I'm not disappointed," Cavozos said. "Maybe our team didn't find these kiddos but I know another team will."

Other groups did and found the words to encourage 52 students like Frances Alvarado to give school another go.

"I'd be the first graduate out of my family to go to college," Alvarado said.

"A lot of times students need to see someone who does care," Midland Lee Junior Principal, Jumon Hailey, said. "Basically a human being coming to another, saying you are missed at school."

That's why volunteers will keep hitting the pavement.