Rollover Accident in Midland Leaves Behind Big Mess

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland driver is lucky to be alive after a rollover accident on Loop 250 sent him flying through his front windshield.

Midland Police tell NewsWest 9, a white 1990's model van had been speeding on Loop 250 and when he reached the bridge on "A" Street, he slammed into a Silverado Truck.

The van smashed into the cement barrier wall, then flipped, causing the door to pop off the van and land underneath the bridge on the service road.

At that point, the driver was ejected from the van.

Even after all of that, officials say the driver is ok.

They took him to the hospital just as a precaution but authorities say they plan to issue him plenty of citations.

The Loop between "A" Street and Big Spring was shut down for a couple of hours.