Eunice Police Department Using New Device to Issue Traffic Citations

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

EUNICE - The Eunice Police Department is using a new device called TRACS to help issue traffic citations.  TRACS stands for Traffic and Criminal Software.  It's a hand-held computer tablet that creates, prints and transmits tickets into a statewide database.  It's a state of the art device and the Eunice Police Department is first in Southeastern New Mexico to have it. 

Seventeen year veteran, Sergeant Chuck Dudley has written thousands of traffic tickets, most of them on paper.  However, the new TRACs device cuts down on the paper trail.  Here's how it works: once officers take a driver's license from a traffic offender, they can scan it, by sliding it like a credit card.   Then the hand-held TRACs program pulls up the driver's information on a hand-held, electronic tablet.   The device prints the paper ticket inside the police car through a printer in the passenger seat head-rest.  The driver is then given the ticket.

"Then they (tickets) are automatically placed into our records system, and then hard copies are made for the courts," Chief Kevin Burnam with the Eunice Police Department, said.  "It's all about safety, and doing the best job that you can. And you can't do the best job you can without technology."
Chief Burnam tells NewsWest 9 his goal is to keep the community safe, while also making them proud.

"I want everyone to be proud of our police department in Eunice.  We have a wonderful police department, second to none.  Just because we're small, doesn't mean we're not good," Burnam said.