V.A. Hospital in Big Spring Buries Time Capsule

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring V.A. Hospital wants to be remembered for years to come and on Wednesday, they buried a time capsule so a future generation can see what it was like in the good old days.

"When they dig this up in 100 years, they cant remember us by all these mementos," Daniel Marsh, Director of the Big Spring V.A. Hospital, said.

Pictures, articles and letters were all added to the time capsule and were all selected to celebrate the past and the present.

"We asked officials and employees to help not only commemorate the 60th Anniversary but also historical things that have significance," Marsh said.

In a few days, the time capsule will go back in the ground where it will stay for 40 years. When it's opened, the V.A. still plans to be serving veterans from West Texas.

"There's a big significance we care about the past. Also the future, we take care of our Vets for years to come," Marsh said.

The V.A. Hospital hopes that the contents of this time capsule will tell the story of this time when it's opened in the future.