School Police Issue 43 Citations in the First Few Days of School

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With the first few days of school down, campus police say the carpool lines are getting pretty hectic. So much so they've already written up more tickets than they normally would write in a month's time.

They're flipping on the lights and writing up quite a few tickets, 43 to be exact in just the first few days of school. Compare that number with their typical monthly count of about 40.

"This has been an unusual year as compared to past years," Chief David Colburn with Midland ISD Police, said. "More parents are dropping their kids off at the schools versus past years and with the increased traffic we're going to have more violations."

MISD Campus Police Chief David Colburn tells NewsWest 9, they've had parking violations, speeding and texting in school zones, and everything in between.

"We know they want to drop off and get as close to that curb as they can, but legally the only area they can park on and get out of the vehicle is the gray curb and they also have to be mindful of the school buses when they have their stop signs out, people will run those stop signs as well. We're trying to educate those folks," Chief Colburn said.

This year, the MISD Police have designated two officers as roving units that focus mainly on the elementary schools where most of the violations are coming from. One of the newest patrols for Campus Police are the school zones making sure drivers stay off their cell phones.

"As we see folks and they see us, I can see the looks on their face and they put the cell phones down, so I think they just get preoccupied and realize they're in a school zone," Chief Colburn said. "But the ones who are kind of oblivious driving through a school zone - we're going to stop those people and have a talk."

The price tag for parking violations in a school zone is $20. If it's not paid, officers will issue a warrant.