Crane Man Accused of Enticing a Child Appears in Court

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Crane man accused of exchanging inappropriate pictures of himself with a 14-year-old girl made his first appearance in court on Friday.

28-year-old Michel Cavazos is charged with Enticement and Coercion of a Child and Transferring Obscene Material to Minors.  He appeared in Federal Court to hear his charges.

According to a Criminal Complaint obtained by NewsWest 9, Cavazos admitted to having inappropriate conversations through his Facebook page with the teenage girl.  He also admitted, according to the complaint, that he sent the girl graphic pictures with his cell phone.  The complaint also states that Cavazos received graphic pictures from the girl on his cell phone.

Federal agents raided the Cavazos home on Wednesday, but according to Agent Jerry Garnett, their investigation began back in mid July.    

"These types of cases in general, should be offensive to any parent," Garnett said.  "You want to protect your children, safeguard your children as best you can. You don't want to hear of any events where a child has been victimized."

Investigators took away stacks of evidence from Cavazos' home during the raid, including computers, cell phones, and other media related items.  However, the investigation is far from over.  In the complaint, Cavazos allegedly admitted to texting and facebooking with four other teens in Crane.  He denied having sexual contact with them.   

During his appearance in court Friday, Michel Cavazos was told he could face up to life in prison if found guilty of the two charges.