Canceled Swingers Convention Gets Tall City Neighbors Talking

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's the talk of the town in the Tall City. A group hosting a swingers convention found out the welcome mat won't be rolled out in Midland.  The event prompted, not only an investigation by the District Attorney's Office, but a storm of controversy that erupted in it's wake.

This convention planned by "Texas Passion Events" was set to roll into the Courtyard Marriott in Midland when a public outcry stopped it right in its tracks. Calls from angry Midland neighbors poured into District Attorney, Teresa Clingman's office, and she launched an investigation making sure no laws were being broken. That's when the corporate office for the hotel, decided to cancel the contract. NewsWest 9 asked viewers to write on our Facebook and Twitter pages then we hit the streets to find out what you had to say.

It's a hot button topic but just mentioning a swingers convention certainly got folks talking.
"I'm glad it got canceled," Midland Resident, David Pearce, said. "In your home, private is private, but something like that - in a public hotel is ridiculous. We have children that would be in there. That's nothing you would want to have in public. That's ridiculous."

"I've lived here all my life - I was born here," Linda Pitcock, who supports the convention, said. "I think Midland just needs to give in a little and let people make their own choice." 
"We've got a lot of churches here in Midland and God tells us to love those who aren't like us and I think it's a shame Midlanders acted the way they did," another Midlander who asked to remain anonymous, said. "It's heartbreaking Midlanders are hating these people."
NewsWest 9 tried to contact "Texas Passion Events" for a comment and they never responded back. District Attorney Teresa Clingman says, because the group wasn't engaging in illegal activity, there's not much her office could do. But illegal or not, the comments poured into our newsroom.
West Texans are writing back with views on both sides of the issue making remarks like "disgusting behavior" and "the right thing was done." On the other side, comments like "rights have been violated" are filling up the board. 
"I think it's freedom of speech, whatever they want to do," Joe Torres, who supports the convention, said. "If that's what they want, I think they'd be alright. We're kind of conservative in this area so maybe that's why they couldn't come."