Martin County Commissioners Put Golf Course Purchase on November Ballot

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

STANTON - The future of the golf course in Stanton is the talk of the town. The current owner is looking to get rid of the course and Martin County leaders want to buy it, but not everyone who lives in the county is on board with that idea.

The golf course and country club in Martin County is stirring up the residents so much so that the Commissioner's Court has decided to put the issue on the ballot. The privately owned country club is trying to sell their 9 hole golf course and the county is thinking of buying the course.

Commissioners are still trying to work out what this will mean for taxpayers but the price tag on the golf course, the club house and the pool is running at $345,000. If the county decides to buy the course, San Angelo based Bentwood Country Club has offered to run the club. They currently run the Winkler County Club.

County commissioners brought it up at their last meeting and residents voiced their opinions, those who were against it say they never use the course and don't want the county to own one, but other residents think its a good idea.

"I think the county should keep it, it's a good idea. It's good for the kids, it lets them have something to do, I think it's a good idea," Stanton Resident, Elizabeth Benavidez, said.

Currently the golf course is being run by the people who play on it. If the residents of Martin County decide not to buy the golf course and there is no other buyer, then the owner will likely close the course. 

NewsWest 9 did speak to some of the schools in the area and they said if the voters decide to keep the course, they would use it for their golf teams and other activities. Voters in Martin County can weigh in on the issue on November 2nd.