Federal Investigators Arrest Crane Man

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

CRANE – Federal Investigators out of Midland are investigating a Crane man.  28-year-old Michael Cavazos was arrested on Wednesday morning after authorities raided his Crane home.

The raid happened about 6:30 Wednesday morning.  Neighbors described the scene as chaotic.

"(There were) a whole bunch of cops, blocking off the roads, wouldn't let my husband walk the kids to school the way he normally does, he had to go around the block, it was crazy," Jamie Tilley, who lives just one block down from Cavazos, said.

Investigators tell NewsWest 9 they are planning to charge Cavazos with enticement of a child.  Residents of Crane who know Cavazos say they are shocked to hear of his arrest.

Resident Dedra Plummer, who used to work with Cavazos, said he seemed "truthful, honest, and seemed like a good guy."

Cavazos is married with three children and neighbors say he works in the oilfield.

Cavazos remains in federal custody.  He is expected to make his first appearance in court by the end of the week.