Odessa Store Burglarized Twice in Two Days

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--Owners are left with thousands of dollars in damages and lost merchandise while wondering, why them.  Odessa Police say they have very little to go on.

According to the owner's sister, Mairya Carbajal, burglars struck at La Nueva Moda on South Crane in Odessa on Sunday night and last Friday night, "They stole a lot of merchandise, including clothes, cd's, accessories."

Mairya and her sister have been running La Nueva Moda for six years.  On Monday morning, both got a rough wake up call.

"We were notified around 8:00a.m. this (Monday) morning that the doors had been broken into.  We called the police and they had stolen a lot of merchandise from us, this morning, or which would be last night, Sunday night," Carbajal explained.

Carbajal says the exact same thing happened on Friday night.  Being hit twice in two days is hard to deal with, especially since nothing like this has happened to them before.

"The store has been around for a really long time and nothing like this has ever happened.  So, we don't really know why," Carbajal said.

Neighbors say they found articles of clothing from the store scattered in front yards, even in a city park, a block away.  Odessa Police have little to go on, since the store's security cameras weren't turned on.

According to Mairya, "We had been remodeling the store, so both the computers and the security system were both turned off."

According to Cpl. Sherrie Carruth with the Odessa Police Dept., there hasn't been an increase in burglaries in that part of town and it isn't unusual for the same place to be hit more than once, "If they've been hit once, a lot of times they may feel like it's an easy target again, especially if there's no alarm system set up there, especially if they know there's money being kept in the business. So, yeah, they're going to come back and hit it up again."

Two cash registers, loaded with about $300 cash were also stolen.  Cpl. Carruth says that's a big no-no, "Don't leave money inside of a business, especially if you've been hit up like that.  There's a good chance they could even try to do it a third or fourth time."

Store owners say, as of Monday, the security system is back up and running.  They also have a message for who ever took their things, "This isn't necessary and for them to stop, because this time, they're going to get caught if they try to do it again."

Cpl. Carruth says without witnesses or surveillance video, it's going to be hard for police to find whoever is responsible.  The best they can hope for is any type of clue left behind that will make it easier to catch them.