Former Howard Basketball Players in Trouble With The Law

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Three Howard College basketball players are in trouble with the law. Now they're off the team and out of school, after allegedly making some poor decisions before they even started school.

Jonathan Landry, Fabyon Harris and Philip Jackson, all 19, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon after police say they walked out of the Big Spring Wal-Mart with numerous items including a TV without paying for them. According to police, the trio walked in to Wal-Mart several times and on the final visit, they picked up food, clothes and a TV and just walked out of the store.

Police were called and viewed the surveillance video and tracked down the vehicle that the players were in to the Howard College men's dorms. Authorities recovered the property and arrested the three men. The three had just arrived to attend Howard College and play for last year's National Champions.

Although Howard College is losing three players they're not worried about it hurting their team.

"Coach Adams is losing three players and any Junior College has a window at the beginning under the NJCAA rules where they still can add athletes. Not just basketball, but any other sport program," Scott Raines, Howard College Campus Dean of the Student Services, said.

Raines also said they followed the same disciplinary procedures that they would follow for any other student and the students chose to withdraw from Howard College and are no longer students there.

The three men could still enroll at another Junior College but for right now they are facing theft and criminal trespass charges in Howard County.