Midland Inmates Face New Charges for Contraband Smuggling

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY-- Three men, already behind bars in Midland County, are facing brand new charges. Deputies say they caught them with contraband in the county detention center.

36-year-old Fernando Arreola, 21-year-old Jonathan Oceguera and 38-year-old Brian Parker are accused of delivery of a prohibited substance into a correctional facility, in this case, tobacco.

According to the affidavit, last Friday night just after 8:00p.m., Parker called someone and asked them to sneak some Grizzly Snuff tobacco to him inside the jail.  He even told them how to do it.

The snuff was to be placed inside a diaper and left in a particular location in the women's restroom in the CDC bonding area.  Parker's sister was called when the first person was unable to make good on the request.

The female Parker was seen on video taking her purse into the restroom then leaving.  Oceguera and Arreola, who were working at the time, picked up the diaper and tobacco and hid them under their cleaning cart.  The contraband was found after the pair was detained and searched by detention center staff.

Parker, Oceguera and Arreola are all in custody on $40,000 bond each for the new charge.

The fact that there were five persons involved in the offense is what makes this engaging in criminal activity.  Authorities say this investigation is still ongoing.