First Day of School Has Health Departments Busy

By Anayeli RuizNewsWest 9

On this first day of school, Health Departments across the Basin were busy. Students who didn't have their shots showed up with their parents in full force.

Starting this year before students were allowed back in the classrooms, Kindergartners through 7th Graders had to get new vaccines, but some parents were cutting it close waiting until the last minute to get their kids vaccinated.

"We were inundated by parents and children who need to receive the mandatory vaccines," Gino Solla with the Ector County Health Department, said.

Both the Big Spring and Odessa Health Departments had dozens of people waiting for hours to get their required shots and even though the wait was long, it's all for the health of the students.

"In the past, this age group only had to have one shot when they were turning five and now it's becoming an issue because they're actually breaking out with chicken pox in high school. past are group turning now issuing more because of breaking out in high school they need a booster to get through it," Stephanie Ferguson from the Howard County Health Department, said.

Although many think it's procrastination, Health Department personnel says it could have something to do with the economy.

"We see a lot of people who don't have jobs or haven't had money, this way we provide them at a low cost,"  Ferguson said.

Overall, the Health Departments suggest that parents get things done early next year.

"You save lots of wait time if you come early," Solla said.

The Midland Health Department says everything at their facility seems to be running as usual for them. Both Big Spring and Odessa hope most students will be back in school by Tuesday.