Premier High School Moving In To New Home

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

On Monday, students at Premier High School will reunite with friends and teachers in a new building. School administrators hope the new digs will help more students reach academic success this year.

"It was designed for a school," Campus Director, Darren Browder, said. "So, we didn't try to come into a retail building and set up classes."

Premier High School serves 6th through 12th graders.

Browder says the new digs on Big Spring Street means more students.

"Old building we averaged, between 160 to 180 (students,)" Browder said. "In our new facility, we'll be able to handle up to 240 (students) initially and then as we continue to open new parts of the building we can continue to expand the enrollment."

The extra square feet includes this recreation room a basketball court and more.

Facilities Britney Perryman and her classmates didn't have before.

"We finally got a new building," Perryman said. "It's pretty nice and stuff. Now the seniors will actually get their own class, before we were all mixed together in four classrooms."

"I think the environment of campus just continues to add to the expectation," Browder said. "The quality program that we had before will just continue to improve."

In public school, Perryman was labeled a troublemaker. Premier's condensed school day and individualized teaching approach helped her excel.

"I'm actually into it," Perryman said. "I'm actually into the whole school thing."

There aren't any rows of desks in the school's classrooms. Students work in individual carols and they have daily goals to track their own progress if they need it.

In a few years, the extra space will also allow elementary students to come on campus.

So, students at all grade levels can learn at their own pace.