SWCID Offering American Sign Language Class at Midland College

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

With classes starting up next week, the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf or SWCID in Big Spring, is offering a unique class in Midland. It's American Sign Language.

"I decided I wanted to learn it when I saw it in elementary school. I was always fascinated with it," Tabitha Honeyfield, a student at SWCID, said.

That's why Tabitha Honeyfield travels to the SWCID of the Deaf in Big Spring all the way from Midland to learn sign language.

"I came and took some classes and fell in love with it," Honeyfield said.

SWCID knows the necessity for this class and wanted to make it more accessible to those interested.

"There is a drastic need in the U.S. for more interpreters," Daniel Campbell, Dean of SWCID, said.

So this semester, they will start with an introduction class to American Sign Language or ASL at Midland College. A SWCID professor will commute from Big Spring to Midland several times a week to teach ASL.

"We are real excited with the possibilities for students to start acquiring the language before they enter the program. They benefit greatly before going to interpreting later on," Campbell said.

For Tabitha, who lives in Midland, that's a good thing.

"I'm excited, if I can, I'll probably go take that class at Midland College," Honeyfield said.

If this initial class works out, SWCID hopes to offer more ASL classes in Midland.