Odessa Woman Confesses to Videotaping Her Daughter Performing Sex Acts

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

An unthinkable crime.

An Odessa woman confessed to videotaping her four year-old daughter performing sex acts.

32-year-old Virginia Cheyenne earnest plead guilty on Thursday in federal court.

She was arrested two years ago.

Prosecutors say her daughter and the three year old daughter of her husband were taking a bath together when the other girl started sexually acting out.

Instead of putting a stop to it, earnest admitted she got a video camera and taped them for 20 minutes.

To stay out of jail for the next 15 years, she cut a plea deal.

Under that deal, she'll have to testify in a different case and there's no word on what that involves.

She's expected to serve a year and half behind bars.

Earnest will be sentenced in October.