Family Promise Comes To Midland To Help Homeless Community

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The homeless situation never really seems to die down in the Permian Basin, at least that's what one organization would say.

"Some people lose their home and can't afford to move into another one. It's really hard to find affordable housing for a lot of people," Family Promise treasurer, Donna Edney, said.

That's why an organization like Midland's Family Promise is working on finding more churches in the community to help house homeless families.

"There are no shelters that house families, there are only places that separate people and that causes homeless families to avoid those resources since they want to keep family together," Family Promise President, Gary Groves, said.

Family Promise directors say right now they have eight churches involved but would like to reach their goal of 13 in order to accommodate the families who are in that tough situation.

"MISD recently found that more than 800 students are homeless, and this year that number rose and you have to remember those kids come from families," Edney said.

While there are other shelters in town, Family Promise would be the first shelter to house homeless families without having to separate the children.

"It's absolutely critical. Kids can be emotionally drained when they are separated from family. It's best to keep them together," Groves said.