Winkler County Commissioners Approve Lawsuit Settlement

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - A big payday for two former Winkler County nurses. They filed a civil suit against the County over their firing. Now, they're walking away with six figures after cutting a deal.

Winkler County Commissioners approved the settlement on Tuesday, which means the lawsuit is officially over. 

Nurses Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle will receive a total of $750,000 dollars. The women agreed to dismiss their claims against all of the defendants which included the hospital, Winkler County, The Sheriff's Office and Hospital Director Stan Wiley. 

You may remember the two Winkler nurses were fired and then prosecuted for sending confidential patient information to the State Medical Board when they reported a Kermit doctor for substandard practices. 

Mitchell was found not guilty earlier this year and the charges were dropped against Galle. 

Winkler County attorney Scott Tidwell, who was also named in the suit, said he expected the case to be settled out of court.

Stan Wiley, the hospital administrator who fired the nurses, announced his retirement amid all of this controversy, but there's no date on when he will officially step down.