Reflectors to Help Firefighters in Howard County

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - When it comes to a fire, seconds are precious. Some Big Spring residents are trying to make it easier for firefighters in Howard County to put out fires.

"My neighbor's house burnt down, it delayed firefighters putting it out if they were able to get to it before they would have saved a large portion of the house," John Scott, President of Western Bank, said.

That's when John Scott decided something had to be done.

"I decided to do blue reflectors like I've seen in most metropolitan areas," Scott said.

The blue reflectors help firefighters locate fire hydrants when they get to a fire scene.

"At 3am in the morning, it's a relief to find a hydrant to hook up to," Fire Chief Brian Jensen, said.

Western Bank in Big Spring purchased 1100 reflectors to put all over Howard County. Now they're asking the community to help put them out.

"We need neighborhood associations to do their own neighborhoods," Scott said.

So far Oncor, the Rotary Club and Boy Scouts are helping with the installation but more help is needed. The installation doesn't take long, finding the fire hydrant is the most time consuming, but in the end, they hope this effort will help save lives.

"If we save 30 seconds in locating, it's gonna save someone's house or lives, there's no price tag on that," Scott said.

If you're interested in helping put out reflectors, you can contact Western Bank in Big Spring. They hope to have all the reflectors up by the end of the year.