Community Joins National Night Out for First Time

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a way for Midlanders to combat crime in their community. On Tuesday night, neighbors all over town learned how to protect themselves. It's part of a program called National Night Out.

The folks at the Pinehurst Apartments say they feel safe, but they know crime happens not far nearby. On Tuesday night, they held their first National Night Out block party to make sure things continue to stay safe.

"I've worked so much with the people down at the Police Department and I've covered National Night Out before," Midland Resident, Audrie Palmer, said. "I just thought that my community needed something like this."

Palmer knows first hand bad things happen in Midland. Now she and her neighbors hope this block party will help reduce the chances of crime happening here.

"I've had people from the far side and (this) side get together and meet each other so they know who lives here," Apartment Manager, Lisa Balderas, said. "So, I think it will help out."

Across town, members of the Midland Police and Fire Departments come out and mingle during National Night Out.

The goal - make sure the community knows they're on their side.

The parties include food, fellowship and a chance for both kids and adults to learn something new.

"One of the Lieutenants was out here earlier and he was talking about how this area used to be really bad when he first started out with the Police Department and they've just really cleaned it up," Palmer said. "So, I'm just really excited to be able to share this information and have people be able to meet the cops and meet the officers and not be afraid to call in case anything happens."

This first year was good, but Balderas is planning to make next year bigger and better.

"Next year, we will go a lot better, we'll have more activities and information for them and more time to let them know so everybody can come out and get to know each other," Balderas said.

That way they'll be doing their part to keep Midland safe.