Howard College Officials Discuss Budget Cuts

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Howard College is being asked to tighten its belt. The good news is they say they can do it without a spike in tuition. The name of the game is cutting back for Howard College Trustees but they say students and taxpayers won't see the money coming out of their wallets. Howard College met on Monday during a workshop to get ways to reduce their budget.

Howard College will be slashing their budget by an estimated $400,000 and Southwest College Institute of the Deaf or SWID will cut theirs by $114,000. The state revenue the College receives after the cuts are done will be $8.4 million dollars for the San Angelo and Big Spring campuses and SWID will be getting $2.9 million. Overall, the college says they have no plans to lay people off.

"We have just been able to take advantage of when a resignation comes and tried to do restructuring in what is happening. We do have some individuals that are taking more responsibility and in some instances our services have not been as good as they have been in the past but we are doing our best to keep everything moving forward," Howard College President, Cheryl Sparks, said.

The board approved the preliminary proposed budget based on the effective tax rate which is going down three cents.

Overall, Howard College based their budget on a five percent cut from the state, a decrease in taxes and no increase in tuition fees.

The new budget should go into effect on September 1st.