Midland TEA Party Holding Meeting Against Proposed Tax Increase

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A petition against the proposed 5.5% tax increase, that's what the Midland Tea Party is working on lately.

"We're going to have a proposed meeting to show council members that people are against what they are doing and try to make them change their mind," Mike Lopez, with the Midland TEA Party, said.

City officials believe that a property tax increase is needed in order to continue to provide the key services residents are all used to, but TEA Party members say, there's a different way to go about it.

"This economy is slow. They're not seeing that there are some folks who are unemployed or work two jobs. Tax increase is not the way to go," Lopez said.

City Councilman Scott Dufford believes Midland's done a good job with keeping the taxes down especially since he says the city's taxes are well below where it should be.

However, some TEA Party members say there are other areas where money spending can be cut.

"I believe that they should stop personal use on city vehicles, that way they can spend less on repairs or fuel," Lopez said.