City of Midland Takes Tree Inventory

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--If you live in the Tall City, you may have seen people taking note of the trees in your neighborhood.  There's no need to worry.  They've just been taking inventory.

The Texas Forest Service is lending the City of Midland and Keep Midland Beautiful a helping hand.  Together, they're conducting the city's first ever tree inventory.

For the last three days, workers and volunteers have been looking at trees in residential areas, specifically along the curb line, where electric and water lines run.  They've been measuring them, seeing how healthy they are and basically trying to figure out how many and what kind of trees are growing around the city.

The random sample isn't just residential.  The results will also include industrial areas and public parks.

Officials say it will take a few weeks to get the final numbers, but when they do, they'll be put to good use.

According to Randy Myers, Urban Forester for the City of Midland, "You run into a lot of 'we have trees' type stuff.  People don't know what we have.  So, I'm just trying to get a count of the resource the city does have that nobody knows about.  From that, we can make management decisions on what to plant later, in the future, where to plant, things of that sort."

Myers says this "snap-shot" of the city should give them all the information they need for now.  They'll also be able to do a more in depth study in the future.

It's too early to tell what the predominant tree is yet.  Myers says it's been a pretty much of a mix, especially in a city the size of Midland, where people plant anything and everything.