Commissioners To Consider Closing Midland Juvenile Center

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Barbara Culver Juvenile Justice Center has been around for 42 years, but soon the fate of the facility may be to close their doors for good at least that's what County Commissioners are considering.

"It was a surprised to me. It came out of nowhere. Naturally, my staff grew concern and wondered if job is in jeopardy," Director, Thomas Morris said.

Facility officials say the average daily cost per inmate rose from $110 to $225 which prompted the discussion to close for good.

"Depends on our number of inmates it might be cheaper to transport them to another facility, but where are you going to find a place that has the room? There's lack of potential beds in West Texas," Morris said.

The Director of the Detention Center says he hopes County Commissioners look at the bigger picture before making a final decision.

"They should take a couple of months and then look at numbers and take things into consideration, there's a lot to look at than just the money," Morris said.

County Commissioners will make their final decision at the next meeting. If the Detention Center does close for good, the inmates will most likely be transferred to Lubbock or Garza County.